#makeschooldifferent – Five Things

Photo Credit: DaveBleasdale via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: DaveBleasdale via Compfight cc

With thanks to Scott McLeod, who started this whole thing, Donna Fry, who picked it up in Ontario, and Aviva Dunsiger who tagged me in her post.

1.  We have to stop pretending…that learning is natural and easy. Maybe when we were babies and toddlers, learning came easy. But it’s hard and it takes time.

2. We have to stop pretending…one kind of professional learning is best. Neither edcamp, or learning communities, or large group or self directed learning work all the time.

3. We have to stop pretending… that learning how to use an application or software means we are using technology to enhance learning.

4. We have to stop pretending…that change can happen quickly. For most of us, we need time to absorb, to try, to reflect, to learn.

5. We have to stop pretending…that one approach, one researcher, one policy maker has all the answers.

Next up, I challenge Jeff Dumoulin, Sherry Spelic, Brandon Grasley, Heather Theijsmeijer, and Beth Hulan. What do you think we need to do to #makeschooldifferent?

The Skin I’m In

My go-to listening in the morning on the drive to work is Metro Morning on CBC with host Matt Galloway. It’s talk radio at its best. This morning I joined the program as Matt talked with Desmond Cole about his raw, honest and heartbreaking article: The Skin I’m In: I’ve been interrogated by police more that 50 times – […]