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ETMOOC Post #1


When I blog, I do it for me.  The act of writing provokes more focussed reflection. It takes my thoughts about a topic or issue and forces me to bring them to order.  Every time I blog, I learn about what is really important to me and how to communicate it.

I also have to admit, however, that it’s quite thrilling to have people comment on my blog posts. Not only does that mean that someone is actually reading my words, but they are interested enough to ask questions or continue the conversation. Often a comment will spark another thought or lead me to a deeper understanding of my own words. Sometimes a reader will even find something I didn’t intend, but upon reflection I realize that meaning was hidden in plain sight from me. Those epiphanies are a true gift.

I follow some amazing blogs which teach me and inspire me. I am amazed how insightful these writers are. I often find myself thinking about a post later as it builds new schema in my understanding.  Others’ words can have a profound effect, so why don’t I share?  I have commented on a few blogs, but usually I make some excuse to myself about not having time. That’s going to change!

After Orientation week at ETMOOC, one idea really took hold. By commenting on blog posts I read, I can connect with a much wider network of people.

That’s my ETMOOC resolution. Are you with me?


3 thoughts on “Commenting is Connecting

  1. Yes! There are two things I took away from Sue Waters’ blogging webinar this week: time to stop lurking and join the conversation; commenting lets people know you we’re impacted by what they had to say and blogging is a great reflection tool!

  2. Push that resolution. Commenting is as much a part of blogging as publishing in your own space. It is a catalyst of connection, it generates the connective tissue of the web mind. It conversational glue. it is paying it forward. One constructive comment is worth 10, 20 retweets.

    The question is, what hinders the act? Each time you comment, it nudges someone that much out of their inertia.

    Spread it like a happy virus.

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