The Reflection Pool

I’m Proud to be 100!

Milestones are important. Celebrations are everywhere including the important first birthday, golden wedding anniversaries, and even 100th shows in television. And why do we mark them? I think it’s because we need to recognize our accomplishments and sometimes just the fact we’ve actually made it this far. So I’m sharing and celebrating that this is my 100th post! Wowee!!

by Catherine Frazier; animatedtext on Tumblr
by Catherine Frazier; animatedtext on Tumblr

I didn’t really think about getting to 100 when I began blogging. I liked the idea of a personal blog as a way to reach out and connect with others. I wanted to write to learn. I loved the idea of purposeful reflection on a schedule. And “The Reflection Pool” was born.

It’s had a big impact on me. My blog has become part of my digital identity. Not only does it reveal my professional life, it shows my personality and my beliefs. It’s also one way I use technology to accelerate my learning. When I create and then post online, my physical self becomes part of the digital world. The opportunity to learn with everyone is there.

Am I going to stop now that I’ve hit 100? No way! This milestone has reinforced how important blogging has become for me and invigorated me to continue.

Happy 100th to me!

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