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  1. Hi Sue (it feels weird calling you that) as you were always Ms. Dunlop.

    I don’t know if you remember me, I was in your grade 8 English class back at Burkholder. I started Googling some of my favourite teachers in my past and I can’t believe I found your page. I just wanted to tell you that you meant so much to me, thinking back to some of the teachers that truly changed my life.

    I’m now a lawyer for the Department of Justice, 10-years since my bar call. It’s a career that I never would thought I would pursue. I am forever grateful for your support, back when it really made mattered, back when I didn’t have any self-confidence or real support from any of my other teachers. You helped me feel so much more comfortable with my writing ability.

    I just wanted to drop this line and wish you all the best.

    Christian (Fan) Cheong

    1. Hi Christian – thank you so much for reaching out! Of course I remember you and I’m so happy to know that I was able to help a bit. It comes as no surprise to me that you are so successful – congratulations!

      And…are you still writing?


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