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My Great Privilege: To Work in Schools

There I was, in the classroom with a principal, chatting with a small group of primary aged children. One little one approached, “Can I show you my thinking?”  How fantastic is that?!

Photo Credit: quinn.anya via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: quinn.anya via Compfight cc

Great things are happening in schools. Educators have the opportunity every single day to expand a young person’s thinking and make a positive difference in their life. Not many of us can say that. It’s an awesome responsibility and a huge opportunity.  Our educational infrastructure – school board, central office, finance and facilities department, program consultants, and yes, superintendents, all exist to create the right conditions in schools for those opportunities. That is our primary, essential purpose.

It would be easy to become disconnected from classrooms as a superintendent.  That’s why it’s so important to me to look up from the planning, the emails and the phone calls and get in there.  My best days include these activities:

  • talking with a teacher about an interesting learning situation;
  • meeting with a principal learning team to dig into our leadership inquiries together;
  • attending an Arts event that showcases educator and student talent and work;
  • hearing students share ideas and exploring student work;
  • enjoying a parent led event like a school anniversary celebration;
  • discovering how I can support a principal and vice principal in creating a positive and collaborative school culture that focuses on student learning.

It’s my great privilege to influence and support the hard work that is already being done by school staffs. When I think of the day to day efforts of teachers, educational assistants, support staff, early childhood educators, and principals and vice principals, I feel very proud that I can be a small part of it.

1 thought on “My Great Privilege: To Work in Schools

  1. And I would add, “a very important part of it.” I love that you go out of your way to connect with kids. I saw that first-hand in the schools. Teaching really is all about the kids, and even this blog post, shows that this is what means so much to you as well.


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