My Top 3 Posts for 2015

Photo Credit: duncan via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: duncan via Compfight cc

I thought you might like to know which posts gained the most readers this past year.  I found this interesting, because I don’t necessarily think these are my best posts. While there are many articles out there about how to generate more traffic to your blog and about “click bait”, I’m not one to focus on that. This blog is about my thinking and learning and my attempts to make sense of both.

But these three posts somehow spoke to people. I’d love to hear your thoughts about why they generated the most views. Happy reading!

#makeschooldifferent – Five Things

Don’t Tweet During My Keynote

The Skin I’m In 


One response to “My Top 3 Posts for 2015”

  1. This is very interesting, Sue! I wonder if the #makeschooldifferent post got so much attention as others were blogging on a similar topic (and so were also looking at different #makeschooldifferent posts and sharing them more online). Your Don’t Tweet During My Keynote was another post where others could connect. It seems as though you weren’t alone with experiencing this, and likely with the same speaker. This connection could have caused more people to read and share this post, as they were feeling much like you did. The Skin I’m In post was one that referenced an article that many others had read. Not only did it lead to a strong response from you, but also from your readers. I wonder if when we comment on articles and/or other media items, if we generate more blog views/comments, as it’s not just our post that gains attention, but also, the initial piece. What do you think? I’m curious to hear how others respond to this post of yours. I’ve never really looked at which blog posts are my most popular ones, but now I’m curious to have a look and explore why. Thanks for getting me thinking!


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