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One Drop Can Change Everything

“Mom, last year my classroom had tables – do you think we’ll have tables or desks in grade 3?”  This is a conversation I overheard on Labour Day between a mom and daughter cycling on the waterfront trail.  It reflects the atmosphere in so many homes this past weekend as we wonder what the new school year will bring. Every educator, parent and student begins with expectation and hope as they set off for school on the first day.

I want to share a simple thought.  Former Governor General of Canada David Johnston shared a story a few years ago at an event I attended that included this image.

Fill a glass of pure, clear water. Add one small drop of food colouring. What happens? That’s right, the whole glass transforms. 

You can be that drop in any child’s life, from the one who looks forward to sitting at a table to the one who dreads going to school. What action can you take? What words can you say?

Let me leave you with wisdom from Mother Teresa. She knew the enormity of change needed in so many places in our world and she worked tirelessly to make a difference, no matter how small, to people’s lives.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

You make the world more through your efforts and your presence. Have a great year!

1 thought on “One Drop Can Change Everything

  1. Sue, I think that I read this post at just the right time. After meeting all of our Kindergarten students today — and hopefully starting to build some relationships — I’m doing some thinking tonight about those children that seemed a little bit sad. What will tomorrow (their first full day of school) be like? How can we support them? How can we make it great? You have me thinking even more tonight. Thank you! Have a terrific year too!


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