The beginning…

The beginning…thanks to Twitter (and @mrjarbenne!)

My decision to start a blog was inspired by Twitter. When I first joined Twitter a few years ago, I really didn’t get how to use it. I tweeted a couple of times, but then wondered what all the fuss was about and left it alone. Last year, I started using Twitter for updates to students and staff at our school, which sort of caught on, but I didn’t feel as if I was really connecting with others.

Finally, I started following people in my district – early adopters of educational applications in technology, innovators, and bloggers. As any Twitter user knows, that led to an avalanche of fascinating educators to follow and to me learning more than I thought possible through 140 characters. Their tweets were so interesting, but it was the links to their blogs that really opened my eyes. I began to see how blogging was a powerful self reflection tool – if I write, I have to think deeply. If I publish, it has to be from the head and the heart. Blogging will give me a way to learn more about myself, and what my motivations, passions and beliefs are about leadership and education.

I’m diving in. The water looks fine!

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