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img_2518I unlocked the Sobi bike, threw my work bag in the basket and set off. Last week, I used our Hamilton Bike Share network (aka Sobi) to get from school to school for some visits. It was amazing! I love riding my bike, but I didn’t imagine that it would be so fun. The combination of a beautiful day, riding around a city I love, and seeing staff hard at work for our students made for a great experience.

I have a wonderful job. It’s hard sometimes – some days I really need to go home and cocoon on the couch. But mostly it’s exciting and interesting. Oh, and did I mention that the schools I work with are in downtown Hamilton, a very bikeable city, so getting around is quite easy?

Last Wednesday was also International Walk (or Roll) to School Day and I wanted to participate. Any little way I can reduce air pollution and be active seems like a good idea.  But I had school visits. Earlier in the week, I had seen Principal Mary Finstad biking to and from and meeting, skirt, helmet and all. So, why not ride?  I am a regular user of Hamilton Bike Share, although usually on weekends. It was fun to plan to use it on a work day. I parked at the first school, got permission to leave my car there for most of the day and headed out after my first visit. No athletic clothes necessary – I was riding Amsterdam style in my work outfit. The Sobi bikes are modelled after Dutch bikes, so you’re not competing in the Tour de France, you’re just bopping around town. I stopped for a coffee then on to the next school. Visits over, I biked back to the hub near my car and then off to my office for a meeting. Pretty great.

What about you – have you ever considered walking or riding to school or work?


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  1. I found this post very interesting, Sue! What I noticed right away is how wonderful the biking made you feel. You can hear the happiness in your words, and I’m betting, that for the schools that saw you that day, you could see the happiness in your words and actions. This actually makes me think about what I learned from The MEHRIT Centre’s Foundations Courses, and how our feelings — and what we portray to others — can impact on how others respond to us. For some adults, walking or biking to work may help them self-regulate, and I can’t help but think of the impact that this may have on the students that they teach.

    I’m thinking now about a meeting that I attended on a PA Day about five or six years ago. It was at a neighbouring school, and because there wasn’t a lot of parking there, many of us walked over together on our lunch break. It was a beautiful day, and it was so nice to get outside and socialize with friends, while also walking over to the school. I remember how much I enjoyed this PA Day session, and I wonder if the fresh air and exercise made a difference. Thanks for always giving me something to think about. I’m curious to hear if others have had similar experiences before.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Aviva. I think physical activity is hugely important part of health and well-being. Walking, biking, whatever – it’s so great to get outside!

      1. It definitely is, Sue! And your reply made me think of our new Kindergarten Document and the importance that’s placed on outdoor learning. Our outdoor classroom is an extension of our indoor one, and the learning that happens outside is incredible. Many students are happier and calmer outside … and I think that the same can be said for educators. It makes me wonder how “outdoor learning” can be further extended beyond K.


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