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YouTube – Underappreciated by Educators?

Last year, I listened to Alec Couros at Connect 2013 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Alec is a well-known University of Regina professor who is at the forefront of connected learning. He spoke about “Disrupting Learning” and how our connectedness to everything should be changing schooling.

He talked a lot about YouTube.  Now, I’m pretty sure everyone reading this post has used YouTube, if only for the crazy cat videos. Alec’s point was that we don’t leverage YouTube to transform learning. We don’t explore all the possibilities. In the time since the conference, I haven’t seen many educators using YouTube consistently for learning (as opposed to showing a video to keep kids compliant). I’ve thought of a few basic examples, but I would love to know more.

Photo Credit: redsoul300 via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: redsoul300 via Compfight cc

Teachers could find a provocation for their latest inquiry about Canadian/American relations and the War of 1812 Why not go visit Rick Mercer at YouTube?

Do you want an inspiring video about life? Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address fits the bill – from YouTube.

Maybe you and your colleagues need a good laugh or a wake up call. Bad Substitute Teacher can help.

Best of all, you can make your own videos! For example, our district has a channel:  HWDSBtv. All kinds of video is posted there. You can easily create your own channel and then upload videos. Not sure how? I bet some of your students or staff would be more than happy to help. Videos don’t have to be anything fancy – you can record a message for your staff, students or community on your webcam and upload it with the push of a button on your own channel.  I’d love to see some examples of this to share with colleagues.

What do you think? Is YouTube a disruptor or a distraction?

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