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Why You Should Try Mobile Learning

Photo Credit: DavidMadden via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: DavidMadden via Compfight cc

As I was mulling over all the ideas presented in Week 1 of ETMOOC, I came across Steve Wheeler‘s post on Game Changers in the Training Zone .  In particular, these lines struck me:

“I think ultimately, the biggest game changer which has been going on for some time now, is mobile learning. Using your own personal devices to access learning, access peer groups, access social networking, access the ability to create and share content, anywhere and everywhere…I think we’re going to see that impact a whole lot more.”

This is exactly what I have been doing for the past week.  The impact is huge!  At every opportunity I have been using my tablet, my smartphone and my laptop to read and comment on ETMOOC blogs, to participate in Twitter chats and follow links. I’ve been investigating the difference between collection and curation and whether Evernote, Diigo or Delicious is the best application for me. I’ve fooled around with About.Me and Vizify. I’ve connected to the ETMOOC archives to learn from @SueWaters about blogging. I’ve pondered what it means to be a connected learner.

My learning continues as I struggle to make sense of all this and where it fits into my life and my work. And how will I do it?  I can’t imagine sitting in a classroom or even tied to a desktop and trying to bring all this together. I am learning on my couch, or at a conference, or waiting to have my hair cut or even during my morning run. This is mobile learning.


Do you want to change the game? Do you want the opportunity to learn wherever and however you can? Do you want to take charge? Try mobile learning.