The Reflection Pool

Honouring Culture

Today I was privileged to be part of a smudging ceremony at one of our secondary schools. I encourage you to read more about smudging.  I cherished the opportunity to honour the cultures of our founding aboriginal peoples by participating. burningsage

One of our teacher candidates in a practicum placement in a grade 10 English class had them studying Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese. If you haven’t read this book yet, get your hands on a copy. It is wonderful, moving, and essential reading for every Canadian. The teacher wanted to share her own aboriginal culture with the students to help them understand the journey of the book’s characters. She asked students if they would be willing to participate in a smudge and they agreed.

So there we were – outside in a circle that included students, teachers, principals, vice principals, school secretary and me. It was very special to be included, to experience and learn and to watch others learn as well.

Thank you, Jessa Laight.