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EXPLORE – #oneword for 2018

January 1 is a “let’s get to it” day. Last week, I set my reading goal for the year. I created my January bullet journal pages. I also did laundry, but don’t worry, that’s not just a new year’s thing.

Now it’s time for my #oneword which has become a yearly tradition (see my last three #oneword posts below). I choose #oneword because it provides me with a reflection framework. As I’ve mentioned in this space, I’m a terrible procrastinator and setting myself the challenge of choosing #oneword helps me focus.

I also love the brevity of #oneword. Less is more.

This year feels like a gateway year.  My career as a school board employee is coming to an end sometime in the next few years, and I’m thinking about what is next. I want to investigate what it possible. I want to let ideas macerate and mingle.

I’ve always wanted to work on my doctorate – is now the time? What do I want my mark to be on this world? How can I best use my strengths and interests in this part of my life?

This quote from Steve Jobs just appeared in my Twitter timeline and it feels right to use it.

“And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

That’s what I want to explore this year.

Here’s a big shout out to Julie Balen, Ontario educator, who is leading #onewordONT this year through her Google+ Community OneWordOnt Blogs.  Join and share your #oneword.

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Are You Where You Want to Be?

(Part of the #Aprilblogaday project inspired by Chris Crouch who provided Day 1 inspiration here)


Every year, I have friends turning 30, or 40 or, especially this year, 50. Those decade birthdays always seem to lead to taking stock. People reflect on their lives so far. Often we think that people are satisfied if they are where they thought they’d be and dissatisfied if not, I don’t think it’s quite that easy. Musing on happiness is always tricky. At heart, I believe that happiness comes from acceptance and forgiveness, not just from external factors. We’ve all seen people that should be happy, but complain about their job or their spouse or their house or their kids. And we all know folks who have a lot of tough stuff to deal with, but still smile every day and seem genuinely content.

I live an incredibly privileged life of fulfilment, both personal and professional. It’s a life where I don’t have to worry about basic needs. While I am where I want to be in the broad sense, there still seems to be more to learn, to do, to try. That’s partly why I’m participating in this #Aprilblogaday challenge or initiative or whatever you want to call it.  I’m really not sure if I can blog every day. But I want to see what can come from consciously writing so often.

Ask me how I feel on April 30.