The Reflection Pool

Mindfulness in June

The last month of school, whether May, June or December, depending where you live in the world, is super exciting! There are many great activities, excursions, and of course, farewell assemblies or graduations. In many ways it is one of my favourite times. I love attending graduations and witnessing the success and pride of our students as they celebrate.

But the last month of school can also be super stressful.  The stack of tasks to complete is overwhelming since everything needs to be done by the end of the month before vacation begins. Students can become anxious knowing that school will not be in session for a couple of months. There are endings for many that engender feelings of sadness.

All this doesn’t even include the elements of uncertainty that may be in play, like the current situation in Ontario with labour negotiations.  And sleep and exercise can go by the wayside.

For me, this time of year can lead to less mindfulness than I like.  When you’re tired and with a massive to do list, it can be easy to react quickly or even become irritated or annoyed. My communication with others is so important and can sometimes be misinterpreted, so mindfulness is essential. I want to be mindful, always. I want to take the time to think, to react and to respond. I remind myself each morning that my behaviour matters and can have a huge impact on my relationships and trust. And without these two things, I cannot do my job effectively.

How am I mindful? Reflect. Inhale. Think. Exhale. Vow to do better. Ask for support. Breathe.