The Reflection Pool

Why I Serve

Today I almost forgot it was #AprilBlogaDay!  Fortunately, Chris Crouch sent a topic that inspired my thinking. He asked “Why do you teach?”  It’s a great topic, because we should all be connected to our big “why”. Finding our purpose is essential to our commitment.

Having a life in public service has always been important to me. My upbringing emphasized service through volunteerism and working for a cause. I believe passionately in public education and my current role as superintendent provides me time and opportunity to make it better.

serveAt the centre, I try to keep our children in mind. What is best for students? I want the people I work with and for to feel encouraged and supported to make the best decisions for our students. I am privileged to collaborate with many individuals and groups. I visit schools and classrooms and talk with students about their work. Principals and I celebrate together as they identify their successes. I coach as they discuss their challenges. I work with colleagues to create better conditions for students to learn. Parents and guardians need to be heard, so I focus on listening carefully to understand.

Lately, I’ve been asking principals and vice principals how I can support their instructional leadership better. Most people say that they appreciate having the time to learn. So I serve by giving time.

I serve because I believe in all people and their power to make change. It’s one way to make a difference and leave the world a little better than when I found it. And, as with so much else, it’s definitely a work in progress!