The Reflection Pool

Take the Stairs!

I arrive on the third floor breathing hard from taking the stairs. You’d think it would be get easier.

I work in a beautiful new three level building. There’s an elevator – of course – to make sure the building is accessible and assist with moving large equipment and materials around the building. I totally understand that for some, the elevator is absolutely necessary. What’s surprising to me is how many people use this elevator – colleagues who I know can use the stairs. I don’t get it.modern-staircase

I take the stairs. It’s good exercise and it’s faster. It adds to my daily steps and gets me up and moving. I see other people taking the stairs too. We smile at each other and say hello.

Taking the stairs can be a challenge. It can be hard. But the benefits are worth it, especially in my job where there’s a lot of sitting. This reminds me of the choice between fries and salad. (Thanks to my writer brother, Neil Dunlop, for the idea) I so want to choose fries, because I love them, but I also like salad a lot. I feel better when I choose salad, but sometimes the fries win out.

Every day, we make hard but good for you choices in our jobs. It’s easier to leave a bit early, even when you have a meeting or session to prepare for. Then you end up doing it at midnight. It’s easier not to phone a parent back right away, but if you let it sit too long, the situation can worsen. It’s easier to put off that difficult conversation with a colleague, but when you do, nothing improves.

Take the stairs. For your own good.