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Two for Two Thousand Fourteen

Two resolutions: both are worthy of time and effort. They can make a difference to my personal and work life, provide balance and help me build relationships.

1. Listen more than I talk. I wrote a post about this earlier this year. In my current role as superintendent, this has become even more important.

2. Read more books in 2014 than I did in 2013.  Do I need to explain? Reading is the best.  You can see my reading life here at Shelfari, an online reading archive. If you have any fiction or non fiction recommendations, please post in the comments! (Update: I did it! One of the best reads of 2014? The Orenda, by Joseph Boyden)



2 thoughts on “Two for Two Thousand Fourteen

  1. Sue, I love both of these resolutions, and will happily join you in committing to both of them as well. I’m forever working on listening more than I talk, and I’m ALWAYS up for reading more! Have you read COMPREHENSION AND COLLABORATION: INQUIRY CIRCLES IN ACTION and 100 MINUTES? Both are wonderful professional resources, and ones that I’ve used a lot as a classroom teacher. I also noticed that you’ve read some Michael Connelly books. Did you read any of THE LINCOLN LAWYER series? I read 4 of the 5 books this holiday break, and they’re fantastic! I think each one is a little better than the one before. They’re quick, but very enjoyable, reads! As an aside, I noticed that you read a lot of the Jasper Fforde books. Did you read the oldest ones of his? I absolutely love his books (my best friend gave me the first one, and I’ve read every one past that), and I think that the oldest ones may be my favourite. I really enjoy all of the Thursday Next series. (As you can tell, I can always discuss books.:)) I’m excited to hear about what you choose to read next.

    Happy New Year, Sue!

    1. Aviva – I have read many of the books you recommend except for the Inquiry Circles one. That looks interesting – I’ve seen a copy. I would recommend Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden and Indian Horse by Richard Wagamase. They are essential reading for all canadians.

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