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#oneword 2019 – ACTION!

Ta da! The curtain is up on my #oneword for this year.

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I’m excited because it’s taken me a while. I discarded two or three potential words after letting them roll around – they just didn’t seem to fit. In past years, I found my #oneword easily. Things are changing though, and that’s good.

Why ACTION?  It’s a combination of reasons. First, I tend to be a thinker (some might say an overthinker). I can get lost in my own reflections and wondering. I’ve been doing that for a while when it comes to my career and my life. Last year, my #oneword was “Explore” and most of that was about thinking. The time has come for me to do something.

I’ve been reading Becoming by Michelle Obama . She is inspiring me to action as well. Her thoughtful reflections through the lens of her, frankly, incredible experience and power as a woman are about accepting and doing what’s right, even when it’s hard.

Another influence is a critical friend who patiently listened to me as I spoke – with maybe a bit of whining too – about where I want to go next. He carefully pointed out that opportunities don’t just happen or come walking by – you have to go out and make them.

So there – ACTION. I need to ruminate less, act more, and to make the most of the times I have to create my own opportunity.


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6 thoughts on “#oneword 2019 – ACTION!

      1. I was intrigued by the tweet, Sue, when I first read it, and by what the amazing female leaders that replied to you might have to say. Now I almost feel embarrassed. After the HWDSB Leadership Course, I thought that I was finally seeing leaders as more than just administrators. Yet, I read that tweet, and I thought that it should only be admin that reply. Hmmm … I’m not sure that I have something to add to this particular discussion, but I am interested in finding out what you learn. I hope that you’ll blog. – Aviva

      2. Sue, I just pressed Send and realized that I was focused on the wrong female leadership tweet. I haven’t read too much on this topic, but let me think. If something comes to mind, I will reply. Curious to read what learning comes out of this for you.


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