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50 Days, 50 Comments

Thanks to Chris Lehman @ichrislehman
Thanks to Chris Lehman @ichrislehman

The Nerdlution Challenge comes from teacher Colby Sharp and author and educator Chris Lehman. The idea is that you make a resolution (a nerdy one!) to do something every day for 50 days to make a positive change. Those are the rules. You can’t give up and it should make you happy. The first round is finished, but the second one starts tomorrow! I’m in.

Back in January 2013, I wrote a post called Commenting is Connecting as part of a MOOC I was involved in.  My thoughts about commenting on others’ blog posts haven’t changed, but I often don’t take the time to do it. I follow about 50 blogs through my Feedly reader (don’t worry, not everyone posts daily, thank goodness, or I’d never be able to keep up) so I have lots of content to think about. I want to write one comment every day on someone’s blog post for 50 days. That’s my nerdy resolution.

Chris started with his PLN back at the end of November, but I came across it later, thanks to Carol Varsalona, an educator from Long Island and a member of my PLN on Twitter. She blogged about #nerdlution here.  I’m going to tweet about it daily and then I’ll write a final blog post at the end of the 50 days on March 17. And what do I hope to accomplish? More connections with educators and thinkers, plain and simple.