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There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Laughter

My ideal workplace includes laughter. Lots of laughter! Laughter means open heartedness. It means listening. It leads to great release of stress. I really believe that people who laugh a lot are way happier than those who don’t.

I’m not talking about cracking jokes or being sarcastic at the expense of others. I mean the ability to laugh whole heartedly. In her book Kidding Around,  Sue Stephenson talks about laughing clubs and how the act of laughing lifts us mentally and physically.

Photo Credit: shutterbugchik via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: shutterbugchik via Compfight cc

There are lots of resources on the web about the power of laughter.  Rob White brings together that thinking in this column from the Huffington Post. For instance, “Nothing is more contagious than uncontrollable laughter” and “learn to laugh at things not usually considered funny, [and] you are able to transcend ideology that stops you from being free”. Powerful.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that one way I show caring is through laughter. I’m always looking for opportunities to laugh. When I take things too seriously and begin a rant, the only way out is to laugh at myself. When I’m feeling down or blue, I have a little exercise where I get my partner to do her “crazy laugh”. It gets me giggling and then laughing uncontrollably. I feel better, guaranteed. When my niece and I get the giggles, it’s so fun!

I hope that everyone has the opportunity to laugh at home and at work. If you don’t, then make some.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Laughter

  1. I find it funny that you blogged about laughter on the day after I blogged about “joy,” and my “Joy Challenge” for today. I absolutely agree with you about the need to laugh, and in fact, part of the reason behind my own challenge had to do with memories of my grandmother and the benefits of getting just a little bit giddy. I count myself lucky to laugh as often as I do, and I hope that everyone else has the opportunity to smile, laugh, and all-out chuckle at work and at home every single day. Laughing is good for us!


  2. Your post brought back a memory associated with my dad. A great laugher! I wonder how many other memories we have connected to a time or person we had a great laugh?

    1. Wow, what a privilege to be part of warm memories of your dad! Thank you for sharing that. I remember all the good laughs I’ve had, and especially with those people who are great laughers.

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