Are You Where You Want to Be?

(Part of the #Aprilblogaday project inspired by Chris Crouch who provided Day 1 inspiration here)


Every year, I have friends turning 30, or 40 or, especially this year, 50. Those decade birthdays always seem to lead to taking stock. People reflect on their lives so far. Often we think that people are satisfied if they are where they thought they’d be and dissatisfied if not, I don’t think it’s quite that easy. Musing on happiness is always tricky. At heart, I believe that happiness comes from acceptance and forgiveness, not just from external factors. We’ve all seen people that should be happy, but complain about their job or their spouse or their house or their kids. And we all know folks who have a lot of tough stuff to deal with, but still smile every day and seem genuinely content.

I live an incredibly privileged life of fulfilment, both personal and professional. It’s a life where I don’t have to worry about basic needs. While I am where I want to be in the broad sense, there still seems to be more to learn, to do, to try. That’s partly why I’m participating in this #Aprilblogaday challenge or initiative or whatever you want to call it.  I’m really not sure if I can blog every day. But I want to see what can come from consciously writing so often.

Ask me how I feel on April 30.


5 Responses to “Are You Where You Want to Be?”

  1. Sue, I’m very impressed that you’re going to give this a try. I’ve always struggled with blogging on a schedule or when given certain prompts. I like the idea of blogging for me, as a way of reflection, when I feel inspired. I’m curious to know what kind of change you hope to see by writing more often?

    Blog on!

    1. Agreed! I feel quite nervous about it.

      1. I love that you’re giving this a try even though you feel “uncomfortable” about it. This makes me think that with my “uncomfortable” goal, maybe I should try this too. Or maybe I’ll just work on commenting on all of your posts. Hmmm …


        1. Yea, comments!

          1. Yes, I think that’s going to be my goal! 🙂 Good luck with your challenge. Looking forward to lots of commenting opportunities!


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