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Take the Stairs!

I arrive on the third floor breathing hard from taking the stairs. You’d think it would be get easier.

I work in a beautiful new three level building. There’s an elevator – of course – to make sure the building is accessible and assist with moving large equipment and materials around the building. I totally understand that for some, the elevator is absolutely necessary. What’s surprising to me is how many people use this elevator – colleagues who I know can use the stairs. I don’t get it.modern-staircase

I take the stairs. It’s good exercise and it’s faster. It adds to my daily steps and gets me up and moving. I see other people taking the stairs too. We smile at each other and say hello.

Taking the stairs can be a challenge. It can be hard. But the benefits are worth it, especially in my job where there’s a lot of sitting. This reminds me of the choice between fries and salad. (Thanks to my writer brother, Neil Dunlop, for the idea) I so want to choose fries, because I love them, but I also like salad a lot. I feel better when I choose salad, but sometimes the fries win out.

Every day, we make hard but good for you choices in our jobs. It’s easier to leave a bit early, even when you have a meeting or session to prepare for. Then you end up doing it at midnight. It’s easier not to phone a parent back right away, but if you let it sit too long, the situation can worsen. It’s easier to put off that difficult conversation with a colleague, but when you do, nothing improves.

Take the stairs. For your own good.

5 thoughts on “Take the Stairs!

  1. This post makes me think of my one word for 2015: “uncomfortable.” Now I’m questioning what other ways I can get uncomfortable.

    As for the stairs, I didn’t know where they were in the Board Office for a while. I found one set the last time that I was there. Last time I went downstairs and then walked back up again. Maybe tomorrow, I can walk upstairs too. 🙂


    1. Aviva, I’m thinking you always put yourself out there. But I’m glad to hear you’re going to take the stairs! (I agree they’re hard to find because the central staircase isn’t yet done)

  2. As you know, I recently “took the stairs” on a situation. It wasn’t easy but a positive change is happening as a result. I will think of this metaphor the next time I need to do something difficult 🙂

  3. Hi Sue,
    I agree with you, stairs are the better option if they are not a barrier. I know a few adults who have vertigo and are very selective to when or which stairway they take.
    I have had many ‘using the stairs’ conversations and most people say they prefer the elevator/escalator because of their “hurried’ lifestyle. They think taking the stairs will take too much time which many times is not the case.
    I know some fellow colleagues who regularly exercise at the escarpment stairs which is impressive and builds comaraderie.
    I was happy to see that a large staircase was recently built as a focus point at a local shopping mall-Limeridge instead of another escalator. Maybe the mall architects were thinking about fitness and healthy lifestyles for their customers as well.
    Encouraging taking the stairs at the HWDSB will help staff with their wellness and hopefully the upcoming 20/20 challenge too.

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